My first love is photography. Commercial, Editorial, Fine Art. 
This website contains a body of work ranging from nude to street
and everything in between.  

As with most artists, all my work is personal, and it comes from a place of curiosity, pain and need.  

I am originally from Los Angeles, CA.  Spent most of my adult life in New York City. Now living in the great state of Pennsylvania. 

I photograph anything I find interesting. I don't focus on any one theme or subject matter with the exception of the female nude. 

I find it extremely challenging presenting the female body in creative and unique ways.  I attempt, with great care, to be respectful and not have my work come across as blunt or vulgar. There is no challenge in photographing nudes for nudes sake or merely to titillate or shock. 

All my nudes are collaborations with the models, I tend to not "direct" my subjects, but rather encourage collaboration. 

So as a quick disclaimer, if you are offended by the nude female form... do not proceed any further, or just don't click on a photo series with the word "nudes" in it. 

I shoot mainly B/W film. You can see my digital commercial work on my design website: http://www.misislyan.com 

If you would like to collaborate on a project, drop me an email and lets make it happen. 

Your comments and donations are appreciated. 

I do have prints available for sale... so ask!

Thanks for stopping in.